Name and Center of the Association

Article 1– It is “Seven Başak Humanitarian Aid Association”.

Short Name of the Association: Yedi Başak.

The headquarters of the association is Gaziantep.

The Association may open branches abroad and within the country.

Association Register Number: 27-020-004

Purpose of the Association and Fields of Activity and Fields of Activity to be Continued by the Association in order to Realize This Purpose

Article 2- Provided that the Association obtains permission from the Relevant Public Institutions and Organizations; To meet the needs of people in need of help without any discrimination such as language, religion, race, gender in the country and abroad, Food, clothing, health, education, fuel, rent, shelter, It is to provide all kinds of financial and moral assistance in kind, in cash, in marriage, in marriage, in establishing a business, in housing and in all other matters. To carry out studies to support all kinds of activities that will benefit the society; It is to develop people's awareness of social responsibility, the sense of cooperation and solidarity, to raise the socio-economic level of societies, to carry out studies for the protection and promotion of the universal values ​​of humanity.

Working Subjects and Forms to be Continued by the Association

Provided that Permission is Obtained from Relevant Public Institutions and Organizations;

1- Association; It protects the needy, orphans, widows, orphans, orphans, poor, disabled, street children, people of all ages stuck in the streets, the sick, the displaced, refugees, and those stranded on the road, both at home and abroad, and provides all kinds of in-kind and cash assistance. It opens nursing homes, shelters, shelters, rehabilitation centers, soup kitchens, slaughterhouses, kindergartens, guesthouses, places of worship, cultural centers in the country and abroad that will contribute to the realization of these aids, helps to open them or contributes to the operation of those that have been opened.

2- It establishes and operates tent cities, logistics centers, social purpose stores and other facilities, and provides all kinds of in-kind and cash assistance to such establishments and employs the necessary personnel for this purpose. It also distributes meals to those in need, purchases related services, and employs personnel in case of need.

3- It prepares and implements projects aimed at reducing poverty, child mortality, improving maternal health and increasing employment, especially in the country and abroad. It cooperates with organizations operating in line with these purposes, works to identify the poor in real terms for aid activities and projects, and creates a unit for this purpose. It can support organizations working in line with the objectives of the association; any kind of cooperation.

4- It holds meetings for educational purposes. Kermes, auctions, sports competitions, picnics, concerts, etc. organizes events. It organizes organizations to introduce and integrate the poor and those who help them, and to develop the "Sister Family" application. It covers the circumcision of children in need and the marriage expenses of young people and carries out their ceremonies.

5- To the extent permitted by the relevant legislation, cooperates with organizations engaged in educational activities in the country and abroad; school, dormitory, course etc. grants scholarships to students at all levels who study, live or study in places; provides food, clothing, tools and equipment. If possible, he constructs buildings and employs personnel for this purpose; operates or transfers the right to operate to a similar purpose association or foundation.

6- It provides financial and moral assistance and grants scholarships to students at all levels of education at home and abroad, and to those in need who have an academic career, regardless of language, religion, race, etc.

7- Local and international conferences, panels, symposiums, competitions, youth congresses, festivals, commemoration days, multi-purpose indoor meetings, open sessions, seminars, conversations, open air meetings, demonstration marches, signing and conversation days, theater organizations, organizes book critical meetings, consultation meetings, dinner meetings, circumcision feasts, youth and music festivals, concerts, youth camps, sports tournaments, historical, touristic, excursions, tours, picnics and visits. It carries out activities to educate the public in the context of the causes and prevention of poverty. In this sense, it works to help people and families become self-sufficient in establishing a business. For this purpose, it opens vocational courses and training courses for qualified personnel at home and abroad; provides employment in the courses opened.

8- It ensures that the members of the association, its employees, and volunteers receive training in every subject in the country and abroad when necessary, in order to improve their knowledge and skills about the work they do.

9- All disabled people; Economic, social, cultural, professional etc. the protection and development of their rights and interests; eliminating discriminatory practices and regulations in every field; To ensure their active participation in social life as free, productive individuals who have equal rights and opportunities with other segments of the society, whose special needs are constantly taken into account.

10- To carry out studies in the direction of prevention, treatment and improvement of treatment of the conditions that constitute disability, to inform the public and to raise awareness, to cooperate with relevant institutions, organizations and individuals, to organize joint studies, to participate in organized studies and events, to organize meetings, events and exhibitions with national and international participation. .

11- Establishing or supporting the establishment of modern rehabilitation, physical therapy and care centers, facilities, holiday villages for health, social, educational and sports purposes for the disabled, purchasing and producing modern medical tools and equipment, or working in partnership with institutions and organizations that produce them.

12- Establishing national and/or international relations with the aim of improving the rights and freedoms of the disabled, being a member of the national and/or international superior organizations of the disabled, participating in their organization, conducting joint studies, conducting joint campaigns and studies with aid organizations. To provide free medicine, tools and equipment to the disabled, to support the disabled in the fields of professional and personal development, starting from basic education, to provide training, to help them get education, to give scholarships to continue their education, to help them.

13- To support the development of the disabled in terms of sports, culture and art, to participate in initiatives aimed at this goal, to be a partner; to help them get education, to open courses, workshops; clubs etc. to showcase their skills. to help them establish organizations, to support established ones, to organize tours, tournaments, competitions, to participate in organized events, to work to ensure participation.

14- To the extent permitted by the relevant legislation and within the limits of possibility, it has people in need of health care and poor patients treated in the country and abroad. It contributes to meeting all kinds of medicine and treatment costs in cases of birth, illness or accident. He has his treatments done at home and abroad. It establishes dispensaries, clinics, maternity homes, hospitals, mobile health teams, health vehicles, health cabins, pharmacies and similar facilities abroad that will contribute to this purpose, employs personnel or assists those who establish them. Provides preventive health services and patient transport services. It works jointly with all institutions serving in the field of health and purchases services.

15- Provides a place to stay for patients and their relatives coming from outside the city during their treatment and purchases related services. Provides equipment and material assistance to the disabled and organizations related to the disabled.

16- Establishes a volunteer health team, provides vocational training, sends health personnel and medical supplies to the needed regions for humanitarian aid in the country and abroad. It organizes events to raise awareness of the society about health.

18- Establishes search and rescue teams under the name of 'Search and Rescue Health Assistance' (ASIA) to work in disasters; provides the necessary tools and equipment for these works; provides the necessary training to those in charge. It stores tools, equipment, materials and materials in certain places and establishes logistics centers for disaster preparedness and when necessary.

19- It does all kinds of work to save street children and young people from alcohol, drug, substance addiction, gambling and similar bad habits and to reintegrate them into society.

20- It carries out studies at home and abroad to prevent the deterioration and pollution of the natural environment. In this sense, it carries out activities to raise awareness of the society on environmental pollution, deterioration of natural balance, erosion and global warming. It cooperates with organizations engaged in such activities. It makes researches, prepares projects, contributes to such activities. In this sense, it participates in the activities of protecting the natural environment at home and abroad. It carries out the protection, restoration and restoration works of historical and cultural values, structures, monuments; contributes materially and morally to those who do.

21- The Association cooperates with public institutions, non-governmental organizations and private organizations to the extent permitted by the relevant legislation in order to realize its objectives and develop its activities. In this sense, it cooperates with public institutions and organizations, foundations, associations, professional chambers, trade unions, federations and confederations at home and abroad. For this purpose, it opens branches in the country and abroad, encourages the establishment of separate associations and allows the use of its own name.

22-United Nations, World Bank, European Union etc. It cooperates with international organizations and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), benefits from national and international funds, prepares projects to benefit from and supports the organizations that prepare it.

23- In line with its objectives, it organizes events such as bazaars, conferences, exhibitions, panels, seminars, symposiums in the country and abroad for the purpose of generating income and/or promotion; participates in such activities and opens stands. It publishes books, brochures, magazines, bulletins and similar publications. It makes promotional promotions and organizes trips.

24- It establishes and operates economic enterprises, cooperatives, foundations, and can become a partner in enterprises and cooperatives. It buys immovable property, accepts donations, builds, leases it, uses it for the purposes of the association, and operates it to generate income.

25- Donations made to the Association; It accepts all kinds of cash, in-kind donations and qurban donations, organizes qurban organizations, has qurbans slaughtered in and out of the country and delivers them to those in need. It accepts donations of fitra, zakat, sacrificial skin, meat and intestines.

26- Rents movable or real estate to be used in the activities of the Association, rents out the ones that belong to it; restores and rents historical places, rents them out to others, accepts all kinds of vehicle donations, buys, rents, and covers expenses. It provides all kinds of personnel, technical tools and equipment, fixtures and stationery in order to provide a healthy working environment for the realization of the purpose.

27- It initiates and carries out in-kind and cash donation campaigns within the provisions of the charity collection law and other relevant legislation, and places donation boxes in certain places.

28- It presents the aids specified in the purpose to the attention of the public through written and visual publications. While doing this, it draws attention to the development of awareness of the society's feelings of help and solidarity, social responsibility, respect for national and moral values, and human dignity. In this sense, it makes audio or video broadcasts, has them made and sponsors what is done. In addition, it participates in or has it made cultural and artistic activities such as printing presses, movies, commercials, and theater works that will serve this purpose.

29- Uses internet environment in advertisement and promotion works. It organizes scientific meetings, makes observations, prepares reports, establishes and operates scientific research, development and application centers. It provides financial support to those who work individually or institutionally on these issues.

30- Inland and abroad, roads, bridges, fountains, towns, villages, water wells and water network, resting place, playground, school park, school, social and cultural facilities, sports fields and halls, places of worship, etc. makes structures; undertakes or assists in repair and restoration work; the association or gives the names of our historical heroes, scientists and sponsors. In line with these purposes, it gets help from scientists and experts, and makes plans and projects.

31- It can sell items of historical value, antiques or items that cannot be considered as aid materials, which are donated to the association, by putting them up for sale at bazaars, auctions or by receiving offers, in order to use the income for the purposes of the association. Again, the association's economic value has lost or insufficient tools, equipment, building, plant, land, etc. sells its goods and assets in accordance with the provisions of the relevant legislation, converts it into money, buys a new one or spends its income in line with the purpose of the association. When it does not use or operate the real estates it owns or will own, it leases it to other institutions, organizations or persons for a long or short term, for a certain fee, and transfers its right to use and operate it.

32- The association can benefit from volunteers in all activities it will carry out in order to achieve its goals, both at home and abroad. It provides training and seminars to the volunteers it has determined in the country and abroad. It creates voluntary sub-units related to the activities of the association and establishes commissions. It establishes clubs in order to develop the awareness of social responsibility in the new generations and to encourage cooperation, solidarity and volunteerism. The association assigns commissions to the commissions in the fields and fields it needs and authorizes the volunteers at home and abroad. It prepares a regulation that regulates the work and authorities of the volunteers.

33- Volunteers are not paid, but transportation, accommodation, accommodation, etc. related to the work and services of the volunteers. can cover its costs.

34- Establishing platforms to realize a common purpose with other associations or foundations, unions and similar non-governmental organizations in areas that are related to the purpose of the association and are not prohibited by law,

35- Establishing temporary or permanent health service units, provided that the necessary permissions are obtained from the relevant authorities for the realization of the purpose,

36- To provide all kinds of in-kind aids such as food, clothing, cleaning and fuel to the needy.

37- To carry out all kinds of activities that are necessary for the realization of the purpose and that are not prohibited by the laws, Field of Activity of the Association The Association operates in the fields of education, health, social and cultural activities in the country and abroad.

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