You can fill out the Young Seven Virgo volunteer form and let us contact you. You can come to our Yedi Başak association center or representative offices to meet in person and get information about our activities. For detailed information, you can call 553 886 7777.

Our volunteer teams at universities carry out many activities such as educational studies, social-cultural activities and producing social responsibility projects. In the camps we organize as Genç Yedi Başak, both educational and social-sports activities are carried out.

Studies are carried out with high school and university students.

The main goal of the Young Seven Virgos activities is to contribute to the training of well-equipped young people who always strive to work for justice and goodness to prevail alongside the victims and oppressed, regardless of religion, language, sect and race.

Yedi Başak gives importance to young people in her activities. With the encouragement of secondary school students, university students, teachers and parents, students try to carry out some activities with their own means to support the projects of our association. It ensures that these activities, which young people do on a voluntary basis, become regular, planned, programmed and continuous.

We have activities covering various activities such as informative seminars, conferences, book reading activities, movie readings, spiritual conversations, historical trips, nature camps.

Employees of women's branches are volunteer employees who care about their own well-being. We have a working motto made up of women and young people working for humanity with the motto "They give food to the poor, orphans and captives who they will gladly eat" (Surat al-Insan, verse 8). Seven Virgo Women's Branches help to remove the status in our material and spiritual life and to be together. People living in an individualized and lonely world will enjoy being able to touch the heart of running for someone else with kindness in this work.

Our work for women is carried out especially through orphan families, we plan family-child trainings for our mothers who receive humanitarian aid from us, and we do this as seminars at certain periods. While giving such trainings to our mothers, we come together with our children under the name of "Brotherhood Meeting" within the scope of values education. While these meetings educate them spiritually, they also socialize them and increase their morale and motivation. As women's branches, we receive training in order to do our job more professionally and these trainings will continue from time to time.

As the Young Yedi Başak-Women, we plan and coordinate the Sisterhood Meetings with the youth, and we also come together by analyzing the books and keeping our bond of brotherhood alive with the youth every month. We aimed to review. We aim to do this every summer.

Our volunteer teams in high schools carry out educational studies, social-cultural activities and social responsibility projects. Our high school volunteers come together in integration camps and carry out many educational and social-cultural activities.

We are working as Genç Yedi Başak in the provinces and districts where our association is located.

Any woman who likes to produce, who is active, who can express herself well, who is open to development and whose concern is humanity, can join the Seven Başak Women's Branch, regardless of language, race or age. Because women occupy a very important place in the improvement and development of a society. With this awareness, we invite every woman to volunteer in this field, thinking that women should also be involved in humanitarian work.

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