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Dear Friends; Yedi Başak Humanitarian Relief Association, as our Lord has said, “The situation of those who spend their wealth in the way of Allah is like a grain that gives seven ears of ears, one hundred in each ear.” (Bakara-261) was established in 2016 with the aim of conducive to the realization of the blessings in the good news and keeping the values ​​that make human human alive.

Yedi Başak Humanitarian Aid Association is an international independent non-governmental organization that aims to alleviate the pain and suffering of all needy people in the world by providing material/spiritual support, regardless of religion, language, race and geography.

Our association has touched the lives of millions of people with kindness through its projects. It has established a fast and effective aid network abroad with its reliable partners in 3 continents.

Yedi Başak Humanitarian Aid Association provides basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter in order to help people in need survive in emergencies.

Our association carries out activities in many areas such as opening water wells in many parts of the world, performing cataract surgeries, taking care of orphans, supporting education, conducting sacrifices, organizing mass iftar programs in Ramadan, as well as "Sustainable Development" so that families in need can stand on their own feet. It prepares and implements its “projects” plans. Courses are given in many professions, sewing machine, grocery store, greengrocer, dairy goat, chicken farm, fishing boat, growing agricultural products, etc. projects are supported. Thus, the motto of "fishing instead of eating fish" is aimed.

While you are benevolent and rain down like drops of mercy from the rain that falls from the sky, we also experience the happiness of raising your kindness to the victims and oppressed.

We want to reunite the world with the reviving breath of goodness. That's why we work for 'goodness' and we believe that " THE FUTURE WILL COME WITH GOOD"

We thank you for your trust and support to Yedi Başak Humanitarian Aid Association.

Mustafa BULUT

Chairman of the Board

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